“Kwanzaa was created more than 30 years ago to boost African American pride.” -newslady

All I have to say is I am not PC and I am not going to be PC. I want a white holiday. Most of the people who participate in Kwanzaa are not African; their ancestors may be, but they are not. If they can have a holiday for black people, I want one for white people. Maybe I should have a German American pride boosting holiday. Oh, and I don’t want to be called white anymore, it’s offensive. Please call me German, Irish, English, French American from now on.

Christmas is not a white holiday, it is a Christian holiday. Why create a black holiday the same time of year to boost African American pride? Competition? Is Christmas not good enough for you? Why does African American (black) pride even need a boost? Why not quit separating the races and creating and us and them? If you want to be African, go to Africa. Otherwise, I suggest you accept that just like me, you are American and live with it that way.


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