Separate Beds

I got home last night about 2 from playing pool for a few hours with Mike, Mike, and Rob. (Hi, I’m Larry and this is my brother Daryll and this is my other brother Daryll. Hehe, I’m funny even though the only people who will get that probably don’t read this.) Anyhow, I got home and Mom was up. Weird. She said her throat was sore and that she was getting orange juice. Then I went upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. There were windows open in Brian’s room and I couldn’t figure out what the sound was that I heard until I went in there. Keep in mind Brian doesn’t live here anymore. So I went in and established that the windows were open. I was going to close them, but then I looked around. The bed was being slept in. There was a wadded up tissue and a prayer book on the bed. On the dresser were a blowdrier, mom’s makeup and the other things she uses in the morning. On the floor were her clothes and shoes for today. I had gone into my parents room when I got home to tell my dad g’night and realized there was no pillow in mom’s place. I noticed it but didn’t process it. I did when I saw all this in Brian’s room. Why was mom sleeping in another room??? They’ve both been irritated with each other on and off since I got home. This is weird.

They were getting divorced. Don’t remember any details except that they slept in separate rooms. I guess my subconscious is worried. That is what I dreampt about last night. Not like it hasn’t happened before. I think it would be a much bigger deal now though than it was in 3rd grade.


One response to “Separate Beds

  1. I’m sure it was just that she didn’t want to get your dad sick. When one of my parents is sick, the other sleeps out on the couch or something (cos we don’t have extra beds) in the hopes that the illness won’t spread.

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