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State of the Union

I just watched President Bush speak.  Man, that was worse than a Catholic mass.  Up, down, up, down, up, down, clap, clap, clap.


1986 called…

…they want their look back!!! 

This new I’m-going-to-layer-everything-I-own look that is coming “in style” lately is awful.  Who decided that looked good??  Do not wear pants or leggings under a skirs with a long shirt under a jacket.  You look frumpy.  Period.

I just want to say to the 80’s.  Welcome back.  *gag*  Remember 3 years ago when you would talk to a friend about fashion and how much you liked the clothes of the moment and vowed that if anyone tried to bring the 80’s back you would boycott?  When did that change?!?  At least you’re not wearing stone washed jeans.  When that happens I may slit my wrists.  People have brought back (or tried to) leg warmers, side pony tails, skirts with cowboy boots, boots over jeans and spandex (leggings) under skirts among other things.  Make it stop!

If these are the “new” things that are in fashion I will settle for being out of fashion.


And there we have it.  The two week long period that is winter in Texas is over.  Well, it wasn’t much of a winter this year.  It was only below 45 at night a few times.  It was in the 50s or 60s during the day.  Sometimes I miss Michigan.  Not on days like yesterday though.  Yesterday is was sunny and perfectly clear.  It was about 79 or 80 all afternoon and I just could not stay inside.  On the way home from church I decided it was a perfect day to go somewhere and read outside in the sun.  The only question was where?  In Lubbock I had my 2 or 3 parks that I enjoyed many an afternoon at sprawled out on a blanket reading.  Here, I know of none like those.  When I got home and got changed I went to the only park I know of here.  Townlake at Riverside and S. 1st.  I changed into running clothes in case I decided I needed the exercise (althought I had previously decided to take one day of rest a week – Sunday), got my book and headed to the “lake.”

I arrived to a perfectly gorgeous day with people and animals everywhere.  I have never seen so many people there, but then again I have never been there on a perfect Sunday afternoon either.  I sat and read for a while, taking periodic breaks to watch people and their dogs.  Yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of days.  My absolute favorite days during the year are the clear, sunny, lightly breezy, 75-80 degree spring days.  You know, the kind where you can’t justify staying inside.  *sigh*  I love them.

There was a guy there yesterday with a 6 month old Great Dane.  I talked to him for a second about her.  I wanted one when I moved here and I had actually arranged his purchase and had to back out last minute.  When I had a real job I wasn’t home enough for a dog.  Now I am and I have reestablished the want for one.  I want a Great Dane.  Yes, I know they are big.  I have researched them…a LOT.  The guy yesterday reaffirmed what I have learned through research.  They are apartment dogs.  They do well in an apt.  Be spontanious and do what I want to do…or…listen to mom and dad and don’t?

“A boy”

So I want to know who this annonymous “boy” is. If you want to comment, that is wonderful and the chances of you making me mad are very slim. Just be willing to say who you are. And in regards to the comments, because I feel like I need to answer:

I realize that makes me sound like a bitch. There are lots of things I say that make me sound that way. It’s just who I am. If people think I’m bitchy, well, they’re entitled to their own opinion.  No one is perfectly polite all the time. (70% of the time I’m nice every time.  Hehe, that was for my own entertainment.)

I plan to read Atlas Shrugged this summer. I didn’t have time to read it over Christmas break and The Fountainhead is the one I owned, so that is what I read. If you look back at my “things to do in 2006” entry, I put it on there. I think that was around 12/30. I have already been told it is Atlas Shrugged’s little sister (with more adjectives in there). Thank you, however, for the suggestion and the confirmation of what a friend told me.

Kanye West

I am going to rant about him, but I am postponing it because I was given his cd this morning.  I want to listen to it and then I will tell you how much I hate him as a person.

give up your seat

Ok guys, here is another lesson in chivalry. Well, I guess it can be a lesson in manners for everyone. Last night when I got on the bus to go home one of the very last people onto the bus was an older woman. It was very crowded and there were people standing in the isle all the way down the bus. This woman was noticeably searching for a seat, however, she couldn’t really get away from the door. There were too many people for her to really get into the bus. She ended up standing by the door the whole ride home. I wanted so badly to get up and give her my seat, but I was at the very back of the bus and there were probably 8 or 10 people in between us. I really couldn’t give her my seat without someone else taking it first. Not a single guy offered her his seat. No one got up. What happened to southern hospitality? Southern gentlemen my ass.


Ok, last night Athena and I both decided to rant about this and I plan to rant every time it happens. It happens pretty often, so get used to it.

Last night we were walking from Aquarium to Blind Pig. As we were passing Paradise some guy reached across Athena, poked me on the arm, and when I looked at him put his fingers on his dimple areas and told me to smile. I was surprised and I thought it was kind of funny, so I half laughed which caused a smile. Then I was frusterated that I had smiled. I didn’t know him, I don’t want to know him. Don’t tell me to smile! I don’t walk around my life with a smile permanantly plastered on my face. I think people tell me to smile because they think I am upset. I am not, I just have a straight face at that particular moment. It happens. What gives you the right to tell me what to do?!? If I don’t smile you’ll think I’m rude. Thus, leaving me in an awkward situation. How about this. If you don’t know me, not only do you not have the right to tell me to smile but most likely, I don’t care to talk to you, oh random drunk guy!

Haha. I just remembered something that happened last night that I hadn’t planned on writing about, but had I seen it happen I would have laughed SO hard. Athena and I were crossing the streed and 5 or 6 guys were crossing it the other way (toward us). I saw two of them looking at me and sort of walking together at me. Then, right when they got to me they both put their hands out above their heads and yelled, “Bleh!!” It scared the heck out of me. I did the girly scream thing (but on my defense, it wasn’t that loud) and then laughed. I was so surprised. Grr. It was really funny, but I felt really stupid.