Happy 2006!!

I am in Dallas at Becca’s house where I rang in the New Year!  :-D  It was a blast last night.  We got a keg and stayed here.  It was drunken fun (except for me-surprise, surprise).  All the people I used to hang out with when I dated Adam were here and we just sat around and acted goofy.  I have a few pictures and videos that I am going to figure out how to display publicly, because they are too funny to keep to myself.  Hah.  I didn’t hear from “doesn’t want me” (that is his new label in my phone) at all last night to wish me a happy new year and I am being stubborn since he is the one who hasn’t been talking to me.  I think we finally got to sleep about 6:15 this morning.  I laid down to go to sleep about 3.  It was like camp, it was great.  There were 14 people in this house; 10 downstairs where I was.  We were loud and obnoxious and we made fun of each other and had an all around good time.  We laughed and were inappropriate (in a clean way) for 3 hours in the dark.  Haha, camp.  :-D  Wouldn’t trade last night for much.

 This morning I got up and went to church near here.  I have never had a church I want to get married in.  I am not the typical girl to walk into a church and say I want to get married there.  This morning when I walked in that is EXACTLY what I thought.  The church was GORGEOUS.  I would move to Dallas and get a job here just to go to church there!  I loved it and the priests were awesome.  I am so glad I got up and went.  When we did communion they had rails up along the altar where everyone nealt down and the priest came to you with Jesus.  It was perfect.  I LOVED mass today.  Gorgeous.


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