2006 National Champions

TexasNC1.jpgI want to start out by saying, there could not have been a better way to end college football season than last nights game. It lived up to the hype! I watched it with Mike, Rob, Alexis, Stephan and Sarah. We ordered pizza and watched it on a tv that took up half of the livingroom wall. I love how everyone is jumping on the bandwagon now. :) Everyone was saying we couldn’t do it. Well, look who the national champions are now! Hook em Horns!! The last 5 minutes of the game were by far the best. We were down by 12 points. You could feel the stress in the room, we all sat forward, tense, waiting. It was great. And for the record, Matt Leinart, you are a classless loser. Did you see his interview after the game? “We’re still the better team.” Look at who’s number two now ass hole. Oh, yeah, and while I’m at it. I think we should recount the Heisman votes!

I also went to Dallas for New Years, Becca’s birthday, and the Cotton Bowl. What an unbelievably fun weekend! It was by far the best time I have had during this break. I drove up Saturday afternoon. There was a keg at the house and the drinking had already begun. Becca and I went and got food and caught up. I miss her. Then we got me alcohol. That night there was a party at the house with a bunch of college friends. Drinking, singing, dancing, and good times were had by all. At midnight we rang in the new year with those streamer popper things and sang Happy Birthday to Becca. We turned the lights out and tried to get to bed about 3.30. Oh, man, then it was on…it was like camp. There were 14 of us sleeping there that night, 10 of us in the livingroom. We made fun of each other, were really goofy, and laughed a lot.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church at 11. It wasn’t too far from Becca’s. I have never done that girly thing and walked into a church and said, “this is where I want to get married.” I so totally did that Sunday. It was beautiful and the mass was amazing. They had 3 celebrating priests and for communion they had rails in the front of the church and everyone had to neal down on them. Ugh, it was amazing. After church some woman hit me. She said her foot slipped off the break. You’re driving…PAY ATTENTION! You don’t have to do anything but keep your foot on the break! Idiot! When I got home everyone was getting up and around for Becca’s birthday lunch. We (Tyler, Lee, Cody, me, Becca, Justin, Darrin, Sarah and Logan) went to some restaurant on Greenville. It was a good time. When we got back her parents came over and we celebrated with cakes. Yes, not one, but two cakes. We also ate black eyed peas because apparently that is good luck. Then Becca and I went to the mall. When we got back we did dinner and then played quarters for like 4 hours. It was SO much fun. For shots we had some nasty liquors someone had bought. We went to bed early.

Monday we were up at 6.15 to get ready to watch the Cotton Bowl. We left the house by 8, got some burger king and headed to the stadium. We sat around and drank (well, I didn’t, but everyone else did) until gametime at 10. Then we went in and got to our seats. I had to sit alone for most of the game because when everyone else got their tickets my lazy ex who said he would get mine didn’t want to get his dumb ass out of bed. Grr. He got it the next day. I sat alone. The game was great. We lost by an UGLY last second field goal kick for Alabama. It was still a good game though. The Bama people were really nice. We went home and watched bowl games the rest of the day. That night we went to Erica’s family’s restaurant in Southlake. Johnny B’s. If you’re ever in Southlake, go there…really good hamburgers. We hung out for a long time. Then we went to the grocery store, got alcohol for the night and went back to Becca’s where we played quarters all night again. Haha, how fun! :-D

Tuesday I drove home. It was the BEST time!


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