I love his laugh

I am trying to think of things other than the boy I was dreaming (literally – see below) about and going to Dallas was definately good for that. I still think about him, I can’t help it, and it probably won’t go away any time soon. I am also thinking, however, of another boy who has caught my attention quite a few times. We have a mutual friend who has always wanted us to get togther. For about the last year, when I’m with him I think I want that too. I love hanging out with him, he is a lot of fun. He’s not easy to get, which keeps things interesting, because normally that is not the case. He is not easy and I love a guy with some class. He’s really intelligent, but I don’t feel dumb around him. I don’t know what he’s thinking, which makes me squirm and of that I’m not such a big fan. We’re all going out tonight, maybe I’ll see how it goes. Group settings have proven positive for us before. :) The one thing I can’t stop thinking is, I love his laugh.


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