Shooting Star

Tonight was a lot of fun. I met Mike and Rob at 9:45 and we went downtown to the Flying Saucer where we met Alexis and Steve. Stayed there drinking from their HUGE beer selection (over 150) until midnight. We then decided to go to Red Door. A very fun bar for eye candy. :) Steve needed to go home though, so we lost him on the way. At Red Door I had a few basketball players from Rice hit on me. Surprise, surprise, I attract ever black man within a 100 foot radius. Perry, Jamaal and Jason. Jamaal wanted my number. I told him I don’t live here. I don’t. Mike and Rob, somehow got drunk. I don’t know when that happened. I drove home. We rocked out to Fall Out Boy and they sang at the top of their lungs. It was thoroughly entertaining. :-D Then they started talking about girls followed by a religion conversation. Those shut me up real fast. We dropped Mike off and I took Rob home. He walked me to my car and we stood and talked for a bit. I saw the big dipper and we argued about O’Rion’s belt. He said the big dipper’s handle was O’Rion’s belt. He’s wrong. Then he asked me who has their Masters. He does…but it’s in Chemical Engineeing! I took an astronomy class. He told me he’s go get his diploma for me. I told him I’d get my transcript. I took astronomy, he never did. I was right. ;-) Then I saw a shooting star! :-D It was awesome. He missed it. I didn’t think quick enough to point it out. I just stood and watched it until it was gone. I always see shooting stars in January. It’s weird. Awkward hug and then I went home.  Yup, and that was my night! G’night.


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