Being girly

I am tired of liking boys who never like me back. I am tired of timing never being right. I am in a mopey pity party mood. I just want to find a good guy who is right for me, likes me back, and is someone I can have fun with. I guess I miss feeling wanted and attractive (I don’t want anything on here about how the right guys is out there and that I am attractive or any of the typical replies to this stuff. I just want to say it and get it out there.) Yeah, sure, I get looked at when I’m out, but only as a piece of ass. I don’t want a guy to look at me just because he hopes he can get in my pants. That does not make me feel pretty, that makes me feel dirty. I wish I had someone to watch movies with on Saturday nights and someone to talk to at the end of the day. For as much as I feel like I have going for me, I don’t see why I can’t find a guy who seems interested who is worth it. I don’t want to feel these feelings anymore, I them to go away. I am just being mopey and feeling sorry for myself. I am a girl and sometimes a girl just wants the right boy to like her. By the way, today is the two year anniversary of me being single. :-D  It has been a good two years.


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