This afternoon I joined Stephan, Rob and rob’s brother, Gage, to play tennis. I have never played before and I don’t think I’ll see them again before I leave, so I went. As I said, I have never played before. Gage is Taylor’s team captain, so they put me on his team. I don’t think he’s used to loosing. Oops. I felt so bad; I was so terrible. I would like to get better so that I could play at some point rather than just suck. I have nowhere and no one to play/learn with though. I don’t know where I could go to play either. I guess I’ll just suck and not get invited to play anymore. Oh well. I would say it was a fun experience, but mostly I was just embarassed. I knew what to do in my head, but when it came time to do it I didn’t connect what I was doing and what I needed to do. I’m sure it seemed like I had a bad attitude. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn. I did, I just felt stupid trying when they were all so much better than me.


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