I am disappointed in Apple

So Apples are supposed to be superior, suposed to crash less.  Bull!  I bought an iPod last February.  It just stopped working in August.  They replaced it.  I got home and the cord to connect it to my computer wouldn’t work.  In November the Powerbook I bough in August  crashed.  Monday my “new” iPod quit working.  They replaced it again today.  I don’t ever want to buy another Apple product.  Steve Jobs…make things better!


3 responses to “I am disappointed in Apple

  1. That’s really too bad about your iPod and your Powerbook computer. I’m glad Apple made good on their warranty and took care of replacing the iPod because it’s the best digital music player out there.

    I use both Macs and Windows computers every day. I must say that I almost never turn my Mac off, but my Windows computer needs to be rebooted at least once a week because it will start to give error messages and lock of if I don’t. Your Apple computer running Mac OS X should really never crash, but if it does, you are way ahead of those people who use Windows computers.

    Even good products can have problems, can’t they? Overall, I think that the functionality is superior with Apple products. Don’t give up on them, yet.

  2. ARE YOU JOKING????? macs are sooo much better than widnows. i have both, my windows crashess all the time, and my mac never does. I means, windows don’t have a cool speech thing that opens and quit programs by your voice. Or the amazing photobooth? I love it, you can add all these effects such as “mirror” or “Bluge” which make the pictures funny. Macs will always be ahead of windows. it’s ainda wierd how only your ipod crashes, when I had mine for a lot years!

  3. Okay so I used to be like a serious hardcore P.C. guy, but in 2006 my family made a switch to Macs. We had the thing working within like 15 minutes of getting it out of the box. Our other P.C.s sometimes took hours to get up to date.

    Here are a few things that might have gone wrong.

    1. iPods are computers, basically. All computers have problems. Maybe you have had bad luck, because I have a 2006 model iPod nano, and it works GREAT.

    2. You have a PowerBook. Need I say any more? PowerBooks have never been very reliable. I have used many Macs, and they all work fine, including my iMac. Everybody in my family uses Apple products.. for like everything. The only time any of our products has stopped working was when my shuffle got washed in my jeans. Even then, we took it in and the Apple guys told us to wait a month and it would work fine.. and it did!

    So there ya have it.

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