Yesterday Athena and I hung out.  It was fun.  I would have done nothing otherwise.  We made tshirts.  :-D  I can’t remember what both of hers say, but one says “buttons are not toys.”  Oh, the other is her name in Greek.  One of my shirts is light purple and it says “Callipygous” on it.  That was, by the way, very much Athena’s influence.  The other is black but faded looking (I love it) and in white it says, “Heart is not a verb.”  Hehe.  I love it.  Some of the letters moved, so it’s not perfect, but it’s fun.


One response to “Tshirts

  1. How did you make Tshirts? Did you buy cotton and cut them up or just do the printing? If printing, tell us more details?

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