Naked Woman

I think I was completely scarred today. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a naked woman before…hell, I am one every night in the shower. Today, however, I had just finished working out and was walking back into the locker room where I planned to change back into my jeans. I walked in and at that moment there was a completely, 100% naked girl walking down the isle between the lockers. WTF?!? People change in locker rooms, yes, I get that, but most of them try to naked discretely (sp?). She was like flaunting it. My eyes!


One response to “Naked Woman

  1. Why does that bother you? I’ve seen plenty of nude women and girls walk around at the locker room where I go. Some of them even get brazilian waxes so you see everything down there. So what? We all have the same body parts.

    The girls from the high school girls swim team are always wandering around nude in the locker room after their practice. And some of them even stand totally naked in front of the mirror putting on makeup and doing their hair. You must live in a very conservative area. (I’m 19 years old and live in California by the way.)

    While I admit that some of the girls have great bodies and have no need to be embarassed about walking around nude, it doesn’t turn me on. But the funny thing is that my boyfriend somehow thinks that I am soooo lucky that I see all these girls naked.

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