Socially Useless

Ok, so yesterday I was walking on the drag and there was a disabled looking guy walking in front of me. He was obviously homeless. And then I watched him throw his trash on the ground. Ok buddy. You obviously don’t contribute much of anything to society…well, maybe a little irritation. Now you’re littering?!? The trash can was like 4 feet away. Throw your trash in the garbage. If you have nothing to contribute, at least don’t make the world worse off or dirtier than it is!

Then today I was walking on the drag again and there was a drag rat walking the same direction as me. He was one of those guys who wears camo and has dreds. He was obviously drunk. He was stumbling and walked into a rod iron fence that was parallel to the direction he was walking. About 6 feet after that we stopped at the corner because, had we walked we would have been hit. Once the bus that was there was moved enough to walk, he continued on but not before he hit the back of the bus. You, sir, are drunk and useless. Get a life!


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