My Useless Internship

So I have an internship that I have worked since August. I am supposed to work it until August. I was hired as a marketing intern. Now, keep in mind that I already have a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. I am getting my masters in advertising. At this internship I update a database and send sample loan structures to people who are selling buildings. I put new deals into binders and old or dead deals into the filing cabinet. I check the mail and mail things like Christmas cards. When my boss is having a long day I walk to 7-11 to buy him a Pay Day and Diet Coke. When he is hungry I walk to Texadelphia for his lunch. That’s about it. It is unusual for me to have more than 30 minutes work in one day.

The “project” my boss has had me working on lately involves me driving to where he wants his new office to be, writing down phone numbers of buildings that have space for lease, and then calling them to see if they have something that fits what he wants available.

When school is in session I don’t drive to school/work because it is just a whole lot easier to take the bus and walk from school to the internship. Thursday, after I had driven around and done what he asked on Tuesday, he informed me that I had to drive to work Friday instead of take the bus so I could go driving for him again. I asked him to pay for my miles. He said he would. I was still irritated. On my way there Friday morning the car in front of me threw a rock and it chipped my windshield. I now have a rock chip that I am going to have to pay for that would not have been there had he not told me I had to drive to work so that I could run his errands. Why is it my job to find a suitable office building for him? Isn’t that something he should be doing??

Yesterday afternoon he asked me what I had “cooking” for the afternoon. I told him I had class at 3 but had nothing to do until then. He said he thought I was going to drive out to look at buildings for him. I had planned on it…after all, he made me drive. I replied that I had been waiting for him to tell me where to go. He said oh and told me where he wanted me to look. When he came to tell me where to go he added, “I am not comfortable with you coming and just hanging out here. You’re going to need to find some work to do and keep busy.” WTF?!? When I was hired I was straight out told that there would often not be much for me to do but that it was ok, because he wanted me there for when he needed things. Now he doesn’t like that I’m there with nothing to do?!? Isn’t it HIS job to give me work??? It is so frusterating. I feel like I’m wasting my time and my brain. I have a freaking college degree. Give me something of some substance, something to do that uses my brain! A high school girl could do my job. Why not hire someone like that? I will not stay until August.


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