UT leaves much to be desired

I have been sorely let down by UT and their sub par work out facilities.  Before this semester I had not worked out on campus at all.  I worked out a lot when I was at Texas Tech.  When I moved here I tried to continue to run every day, but I did it outside.  Then, in August, I hurt my knee and did not run during the semester so that my knee would heal properly.  When school began again this semester, I restarted my work out routine.

I will begin with working out itself.  I can only run on a machine when I am inside or I get bored.  When I am on a machine I can watch tv.  Outside the scenery keeps me entertained, but I don’t like to drive all the way to Townlake…so I want to run on campus in the gym.  There are so few machines that they have a 30 minute time limit.  With warm up and cool down that is nothing.  I like to be on the maching for close to an hour.  Here I can’t.  This is the University of Texas with 50,000 or however many students.  They have money here.  They should be able to afford an adequate amount of fitness equipment.

Next, Gregory.  Why is it called Gregory?  Ok, so someone donated some money.  Can’t you call it the rec or the gym or something other than Gregory.  People say I’m going to Gregory.  I say Gregory who?  On top of that, whoever Gregory is, he didn’t deserve to have a building that is too small for its purpose named after him.  If he needed to be recognized for his monetary contributions maybe they could have named the locker rooms after him.  If he didn’t have enough money to pay for a whole gym…don’t name the inadequate one you build with his money after him.  Get other donors, pool their money and name it the rec!  Gregory is about 1/3 the size of Tech’s rec center.  It has far too few machines, the climbing wall is small and the weight room is about the size of my high school weight room!  At Tech we had a circuit room with one circuit in it, another with like 4 circuits among mats and weights and other things in there and then we had a weight room that ran the length of the 4 or 5 basketball courts that the indoor track overlooked.  We had another 6 or so courts at the other end of the rec as well as an indoor soccer field.  We had 5 areas or so with cardio machines, 3 were rather large, we had 4 classrooms that I can think of and who knows how many raquetball courts.  On each of the cardio machines you had your own personal 13″ flat screen tv where you could watch whatever you wanted (they had ALL the cable channels).  Plus, there was a fitness/wellness center where you could weigh yourself, get your body fat and other things measured, get massages, and all sort of information was available there.  If UT has a place like this and I am just missing it, PLEASE let me know.  For now, Gregory frusterates me and makes me miss Tech!


One response to “UT leaves much to be desired

  1. the main workout place is the Rec. It is just south of the stadium on San Jac. It is always less crowded and parking is easier

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