Observant Friend

The other night I went with some friends to the Cedar Door. When we all finished our drinks and got up to go somewhere else we were standing around in a circle trying to decide what to do. Brad was looking at the ground I guess and commented on my toe nails. Whenever I go home I make it a point to get a french pedicure. I really like the nail place there. Anyhow, I had gotten one right before I left from Christmas break. Brad noticed and commented. I don’t think I told him, and I might sound psycho if I do, but I really appreciated it. It made me smile again yesterday (almost a week later). It isn’t very often that guys notice things like that. I really appreciated that not only did he notice, he also said something. Take notes guys. Brad is a great guy and his fiance is really lucky, I’m sure. Note to guys: When you notice something nice about a girl, say it out loud to her. If you never notice things…get more observent. :) Girls appreciate it. This is something you can do as just friend, as noted above – Brad has a fiance. I almost appreciate it more from just a friend because I feel it is more genuine and I am much less skeptical of the motive. Either way though, it makes me smile.


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