give up your seat

Ok guys, here is another lesson in chivalry. Well, I guess it can be a lesson in manners for everyone. Last night when I got on the bus to go home one of the very last people onto the bus was an older woman. It was very crowded and there were people standing in the isle all the way down the bus. This woman was noticeably searching for a seat, however, she couldn’t really get away from the door. There were too many people for her to really get into the bus. She ended up standing by the door the whole ride home. I wanted so badly to get up and give her my seat, but I was at the very back of the bus and there were probably 8 or 10 people in between us. I really couldn’t give her my seat without someone else taking it first. Not a single guy offered her his seat. No one got up. What happened to southern hospitality? Southern gentlemen my ass.


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