“A boy”

So I want to know who this annonymous “boy” is. If you want to comment, that is wonderful and the chances of you making me mad are very slim. Just be willing to say who you are. And in regards to the comments, because I feel like I need to answer:

I realize that makes me sound like a bitch. There are lots of things I say that make me sound that way. It’s just who I am. If people think I’m bitchy, well, they’re entitled to their own opinion.  No one is perfectly polite all the time. (70% of the time I’m nice every time.  Hehe, that was for my own entertainment.)

I plan to read Atlas Shrugged this summer. I didn’t have time to read it over Christmas break and The Fountainhead is the one I owned, so that is what I read. If you look back at my “things to do in 2006” entry, I put it on there. I think that was around 12/30. I have already been told it is Atlas Shrugged’s little sister (with more adjectives in there). Thank you, however, for the suggestion and the confirmation of what a friend told me.


7 responses to ““A boy”

  1. It wasn’t me…just so you know. However, please stop calling us boys, it makes me think you think we all still play with action figures. Later gator.

  2. it wasn’t me either… And… i heard a rumor that Melissa’s farts smell like flowers… shhhh dont tell anyone

  3. A Different Mike

    If Atlas Shrugged was required reading for all high school students in the United States, the poverty rates in this country would be cut in half, we would reclaim our title as the Engineering and Research superpower, and the democratic party would go the way of the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, schools feel the strange need to force kids to read crap like Their Eyes Were Watching God and Cold Sassy Tree.

  4. hmm, if we are not defined by our actions, then what are we? If saying and doing bitchy things (as you admittedly do) doesnt qualify you, then what are the qualifications?
    Oh, and a different mike is totally right.

  5. If we are defined by our actions, then we should be defined by our actions as a whole. Therefore when someone posts something online, it’s probably something that has bugged them or has tickled their fancy, hence posting it online to either amuse people or relieve some stress. I mean, you shouldn’t judge a random book by just opening up and reading a few random pages out of it, and neither should you judge a person by the same means.

  6. Their Eyes Were Watching God is a must for high school students to read. I mean, Oprah turned it into a made-for-TV movie, and isn’t that the mark of good literature?

  7. I think reading books is the least of the problems with this country. Too many different people with too many different opinions and everyone thinks theirs is right. How about we all just do what we want and let everyone else do what they want?

    and to the anonymous poster…start your own blog and call Mel bitchy there if you want, but don’t come here and do it and then not have the courage to at least name yourself.

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