1986 called…

…they want their look back!!! 

This new I’m-going-to-layer-everything-I-own look that is coming “in style” lately is awful.  Who decided that looked good??  Do not wear pants or leggings under a skirs with a long shirt under a jacket.  You look frumpy.  Period.

I just want to say to the 80’s.  Welcome back.  *gag*  Remember 3 years ago when you would talk to a friend about fashion and how much you liked the clothes of the moment and vowed that if anyone tried to bring the 80’s back you would boycott?  When did that change?!?  At least you’re not wearing stone washed jeans.  When that happens I may slit my wrists.  People have brought back (or tried to) leg warmers, side pony tails, skirts with cowboy boots, boots over jeans and spandex (leggings) under skirts among other things.  Make it stop!

If these are the “new” things that are in fashion I will settle for being out of fashion.


5 responses to “1986 called…

  1. I like leggings under skirts. That way I can still wear a fun skirt in the winter without completely freezing my ass off. Same with boots and skirt. I can hide long socks under those. However, Ugg boots will never look cute with skirts.

    Also, as far as 80’s clothing goes… I think an entire outfit of 80s style clothing looks like crap, but here and there, it’s kinda cute. Except for the side pony tail. I saw someone with her hair like that yesterday and it was hilarious.

    All this talk about clothing makes me want to go shopping.

  2. i like the leggings under skirt thing… but i hate the cowboy boots…. *vomits*

  3. I have a T-shirt (gift from a friend from the USA) with a logo on the front
    “1986 called… they want their hair back” (underneath a telephone)
    What is that all about????

  4. That phone just goes along with the called thing. In 1986, people had big hair, so if you see someone sporting a fashion from sometime in the 80’s, it’s just a common phrase to use to make fun of them. Like Hammer pants in the early 90’s. If you were to see someone wearing them you would say, “1992 called, they want their pants back.” It’s easier to say about haircuts, because you still occasionally see people with them. Hope that helps.

  5. I’m wearing leggings under a jean skirt for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on what kind of shirt to wear? And what kind of shoes too?

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