expensive brain fart

Every afternoon about 4 I work out.  Today abdout 30 minutes after I left I realized I left my way-too-expensive-Christmas-present-from-Mom watch on the eliptical that I was on.  I was on the bus freaking out.  I called 3 numbers and all led to recordings.  Why can you not get a freaking person on the phone anymore?!?  Finally I found the number for the store that is at Gregory and got a real person.  She called the front desk for me and they went and got it.  Thank God it was still there.  That would have been an expensive mistake.  I would have been SO mad at myself if it wasn’t there!  I was already mad at myself for being stupid enough to leave it there.


One response to “expensive brain fart

  1. How about I go do the things that I want to do while you watch The Color Purple? :) That way we both win.

    I’m not sure about the carriage ride… but that’s the only thing I could think regarding Central Park.

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