Spring Broke

Last night I was on the computer from 8pm to 12am trying to plan my spring break trip. Athena and I are going to go to New York for the first half of the week. We spent 1.5 hours on IM and airline websites trying to find the best deal for both of us (her round trip and me one way) so that we could fly together and go cheaply. Finally we figured it out. I spent $134 on a one way from Austin to New York City. We will be there from Thursday night until Tuesday night for her and Wednesday morning for me.

Wednesday morning I will take the AmTrak from New York’s Penn Station to a tbd station in Boston from which I will meet up with the other advertising graduate students taking the trip. While in Boston we plan to take agency trips. We will also be there for St. Patrick’s Day which is apparently CRAZY in Boston. Saturday (hopefully without hang over) I will be flying back to Austin early.

I am so excited about this trip I can’t stand it! I have never been to either city and I’ve wanted for a long time to go to both. Last spring break I almost went to New York with Natashia, but she decided to go to Vegas with some of our friends, so I came to Austin to find an apartment for this year. Now I get to go!!! There is so much I want to do there. I can’t wait. :-D :-D :-D

I am allowing myself $1000 for the week. So far I have spent $334 and I still have to buy a $54 AmTrak ticket and spend $150 on the hotel in Boston…plus food and shows and trinkets, etc. Special thanks to Kat for letting us stay with her while we are in NY!! List of things to do coming soon!


One response to “Spring Broke

  1. oooh! sounds like fun. I’ve heard wild and crazy stories about Boston on St. Patty’s Day too. What a great, well-deserved trip for you!

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