Sunday, I took Tash with me to mass. When we were walking back to our seats from communion I noticed the guy who sat behind me last week two rows behind us. He’s kind of cute, so I pointed him out to her when he went past. At that church, before mass begins, they have you stand and “greet the people around you.” Him name was John. Last week we had parked near each other, walked out at the same time and gone home the same way. He was behind me all the way back to the highway and then on it until I exited.

This week it was like he made it a point to get out of church at the same time as us. He was right behind me walking out and then he walked right in front of us, no faster than us, back to the car. He’d parked next to me (or me next to him, I’m not sure). He got in his car before me but it was like he waited for me to pull away first (we were parked on the street). When we went by him he smiled at me. Then, again, he was behind me all the way to my exit. I guess he remembered from last week where I get off the highway because right before I had to get off he sped up, get next to me, slowed down to stay there for a second, smiled at me when I looked at him, and sped up again. How incredibly random. Of course, Tash made fun of me then. I’m not sure what to think. She says I should talk to him, but I think if he wants to talk to me he will. I’m not going to initiate any conversation with him.


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