Don’t buy Apple!!

Ok, when was my last Apple post? 3 weeks ago? Cause that’s when my iPod quit working. Last Thursday I was going to the bus when my iPod started doing what the first one did when it quit working. It would attempt to play a song for about 5 seconds, do nothing, then skip to another. Skip, pause, skip, pause, skip…. Seth, Athena, and Stephan were all on my bus. Seth reset it and it played normally again. Friday, it did the skipping thing when I left for school (the first time I’d tried to use it since Seth reset it), I reset it. It continued to do the same thing. I tried to reset it again. It erased all the music. I connected it to my computer when I got home to put my music back on it. It’s a lot of music, so I left it to load while I was sleeping. Saturday I got up, went to my computer and picked up my iPod. It was the same as my second one when it quit…really really hot. None of the music is loaded. Now it won’t even start up. It won’t show me the apple, a folder, an iPod with a sad face, or anything else.

Last time I went in, Apple told me I bought my iPod on Feb. 3 and that’s when the 1 year warranty ran out, naturally. I know I didn’t have it that early though. I went to the bank and found the check. I bought it Feb. 22. Apple better fix it. I’m tired of their shit breaking when I don’t do anything to it!! I don’t drop them or anything. Grr!


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