Working out

So I started working out again when classes started back up this semester. I used to run at townlake when I moved here, but I hurt my knee in August, so I quit running for a while to give it time to get better. When it was feeling better and I should have started running again I got really busy with school and didn’t. Anyway, I am working out again. I have gone almost every day for 3 weeks and have noticed absolutely no change. I still weigh the same thing after 3 weeks and my measurements are all still the same. I know it won’t get better if I stop, but what’s the point when it makes no difference. I will keep going, I am just frustrated.

I know that when you start working out you gain a little weight. I know that. But that usually subsides and you start losing after no more than 2 weeks. I have been eating better. This is going to make me sound sick…but not eating sounds ideal right now. I like food too much. I couldn’t do the anorexic thing. Not that I want to. I realize that is a sickness people have, it’s not something they choose, but right now I wish I had the will power that they do. I still weigh 15 pounds more than I did when I came to college. I started to outgrow my clothes. I can’t afford new ones. I am frustrated.


2 responses to “Working out

  1. Hey Mel, I hear your pain. i’m going through the same thing right now. Except for the whole working out thing – I’m not doing that. But I did give up Dr Pepper and that’s a huge sacrifice for me! Good luck, and don’t give up.

  2. Here’s some advice from Mr. Kin. The reason you probably haven’t lost any weight (infact, i’m somewhat surprised you haven’t gained weight) is because you’re actually building muscle, which is denser than fat. However, you’re running which means you’re building lean muscle rather than bulky muscle (from lifting weights), which should make you appear slimmer. So, while your weight may be the same, after 3 weeks of running, you’ve probably slimmed a bit, even if it isn’t readily obvious. Also, if you’re losing more than 1-2lbs a week, you’re just losing water weight, not actual body mass. So, don’t expect huge changes right away. My recommendation, ignore the scale. Instead, look in the mirror or see how your clothes fit. It’s all about proportion, not weight. Oh, and as for “not eating.” Just burn more calories than you eat. Then you can eat whatever you want, just as long as you run long enough to burn it back off.

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