To Matt

This is in response to a comment on “working out.”  Those are all things I know and thank you.  :)  I already have quite a bit of muscle becuase (minus 3 months last semester) I have been running for so long.  My problem is that I don’t feel/look any different and my clothes still fit the same.  It’s frusterating, but I know I have to keep at it…and I know I need to burn more than I eat.  500 calories burned a day for a week = 1 lb lost (for the most part).  It’s just frusterating not seeing/feeling results and not looking like I did say 6 months ago.


One response to “To Matt

  1. A common misconception is you can build or maintain muscle mass by doing cardio. You do burn fat, but constant running with no weight training destroys a lot of muscle as well. So whenever you eat your body is probably converting your food directly into fat that you burn while running. Remember around this age your body starts to process food differently than it did a year ago. Not to mention that whenever the weather gets colder, the body naturally starts to go into fat storage mode. Just keep at it and throw in some full body exercises 3 times a week. You’re already doing better than millions and millions of Americans when you do anything. And for God’s sake aren’t you hot enough already? ;)

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