Singles Mingle

So, last night I went with Jana and some of her friends (Amanda, Jade, Dawn, and Aarti) to a thing a radio station was hosting called a singles mingle.  In my defense, I went expecting NOTHING.  I only wanted to have a good time and hang out with the girls, which I did.  Aarti and I had a great time making fun of everything.  The guys were so rediculous.  One of the guys, in many more workd, basically asked us if we would do him if he told us he had a boat.  What the heck!?  Near the end of the night we met “Intern Megan” and she seemed put off when Aarti didn’t know who she was. 

When you walked in the door they gave you a name tag with a celebrity name on it and you had to find your famous match to get a prize.  I got Demi Moore and gave it to Aarti because she wanted it.  At the end of the night we found Ashton Kutcher (he’s actually the one who introduced us to Megan cause she was also Demi Moore).  He was a cool guy.  He had a friend who was a jerk though.  We were all standing around outside, about to leave, talking and he started talking about how it was ok that we didn’t meet anyone (which I didn’t intend to) there because we all had vibrators and that’s all we need.  Then he said, oh wait (with a sarcastic ass hole look), girls don’t do that.  I wanted to hit him.  I was truely insulted and I thought he was an ass.  Not to mention, he was smoking.  Gag me with a spatula.  Anyhow, they have this little cart/but deal that takes you up the hill to your car.  The guys we’d met were walking.  As we passed them I yelled something along time lines of,”It was nice to mee tyou Ashton; your friend’s an ass hole.”  Then the cart guy was trying to figure out where to take people and just stopped.  My luck, Ashton and the two other guys walked right by.  SO EMBARAESSED!  All in all I had a pretty dang good Valentines Day though.  :)


One response to “Singles Mingle

  1. You must have a big mouth to fit a whole spatula in it.

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