Almost the weekend!

Yay!  It’s already Thursday afternoon.  This week has been going to fast and that is so great, because usually when you are looking forward to something time goes so slowly.  I’m already done with class for the day.  Now I have the rest of work for the day, which will go fast as it always does, my 4 mile run and then a meeting.  All will go quickly because I will be enjoying myself.  Tonight whether I go out or stay at home addicted to the Olympics, it will go quickly.  Tomorrow I drive to my parents and spend the night there, Saturday I drive back and then go celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Next thing you know, it’s Sunday!  I can’t wait!!!


One response to “Almost the weekend!

  1. Ooooh the Olympics. Somehow I’m completely blocked that from my brain. This weekend I will inundate my eyes and brain with people trying to break records. Hopefully while in skin tight, revealing clothing. :)

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