Feeling gassy

Ok, so all week I have been feeling really gassy…but I haven’t been actually gassy.  I know, too much information.  Anyhow, tonight I was on the phone with mom and just happened to mention it.  I freaked her out and that in turn freaked me out.  For anyone who doesn’t know, if you’re a woman in my family, you’re going to get ovarian cancer.  Sorry, you just are.  My aunt had a hysterectomy and it still killed her.  It has killed my greatgreatgrandma, my greatgrandma, my grandma, and my aunt.  Apparently, feeling gassy is a sign of “female problems” and mom sounded worried.  She told me I need to “keep an eye on things.”  That conversation made me think of something that happened that could be a big deal but that I hadn’t given much thought to.  Hmm, I’m a little concerned.


6 responses to “Feeling gassy

  1. That’s really sad and I mean it. :( If you are born in my family then you will sure have to wear specs. We are all myopic.

  2. Whenever I get gassy, I go poo. It helps.


  3. Are you going to go to the doctor?

  4. Well you should see a doctor and Mel ,you know ,commenting on my blog won’t kill you.

  5. I would definitely go see the doctor about it. If nothing else, it will ease your mind. There’s nothing worse than to have some bad thought in the back of your mind for an extended period of time. Make yourself and your mom feel better by going to the doctor.

  6. Go drop a deuce – that will help. Just keep a chopstick nearby in case you get a full winder.

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