Women can’t be perfect

I heard this very thing out of a man’s mouth and, very appreciatively, I smiled.  Last night I heard some men talking (for Mike: I didn’t say boys.  :)) and they had just seen a group of pretty women.  One said he’d like to be with them because they were so perfect.  The other started talking about no matter how perfect they look, they aren’t.  It is so refreshing to hear a man say that women can not be perfect.  That means men recognize and realize that fact.  He said no matter how hard we try (and some try pretty hard), it is not possible.  You can go down to the corner and get a newspaper right now and in it you will find an ad for whiter teeth and a fake tan and makeup and new clothes and plastic surgery, but that won’t make her perfect.  What happens if the money runs out?  Then, 6 months down the road when she can’t go get her botox she’s gonna start looking nasty.  

I think it is so awesome that a man recognizes this reality and is ok with it.  I really appreciate that this man is happy with women the way that they are.  That gives me one less thing to worry about, knowing that men are ok with me not wearing a size 2, but being good company.  This is something maybe we all need to think a little more about.  Come on, really, no matter how hard you try to be perfect, there’s always going to be something about yourself you don’t like…and when you fix it, you’ll find something else to be unhappy with.  That’s society…and women.  That’s the way we are.  Why are we constantly tearing each other down and thinking we are not good enough?  The only thing keeping us from being good enough is fear.  Fear that our best is not good enough. 


One response to “Women can’t be perfect

  1. Indeed, we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what’s outside… except for what’s inside, the inner beauty. They glow more and last much longer than the outer beauty, that’s for sure ;)

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