I might be shallow…

…so what? If it makes me happy, then what do I care? The reason I am saying this is that I have recently concluded that I like hanging out with pretty people. Now, it’s not just because they are pretty. I have a good time with them, they are more carefree and generally have a more positive attitude.

I once read that people are drawn to people who are like them. People who have the same interests or same backgrounds or whatever. Does that go for similar physical appearance? All I know it tonight I was in a room with 9 or 10 other people watching Grey’s Anatomy and when I thought about it, they were all good looking people. All of them. I guess that means I should fit in, since I am friends with them, right?

Anyhow, I like hanging out with these people, they are more fun, more outgoing, more easily approachable and have a great outlook on things. They never seem to be in bad moods and are always up for a good time. I enjoy being around them. It’s nice to hang out with a group of pretty people too. People treat you differently. It’s weird. Regardless, they are fun, and I like them. If that makes me shallow, well, then so be it.


5 responses to “I might be shallow…

  1. Do you really want a response to this journal? I mean, of course guys are allowed to be shallow, we’ve been told from day 1. But, as girls constantly point out, yall want a nice guy or decent or whatever. Don’t you think you’re breaking girl code by admitting girls might be shallow too?

    PS And the you should fit in with them statement. Of course you are good looking Mel…you have been since earth science 8th grade. And you will be til our last reunion together. You know you’re hot, and that you are better looking than 90% of women. I swear if I have to keep repeating myself on the point I will prolly start asking everyone at Cricket’s if they heard you got knocked up while at Mardi Gras…or something equally mean.

  2. I agree. Pretty people gravitate towards other pretty people. Unless they’re insecure, in which case they hang out with people who look like how they feel they look. If that sentence makes sense.

    I like hanging out with pretty people. I just don’t have that many pretty friends. Which means I’m either not as attractive as boys have lead me to believe, or I’m insecure. Possibly both. Eh. Not that it matters. *girly voice* Seth loves me no matter what.


  3. I have only one thing to say. The world is full of pretty people. Don’t beleve it, then look around yourself. You will find that you are surrounded by pretty people.

  4. is that why we never hang out anymore? :-P

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