Why is it that the people who are most essential to improving or sustaining the level at which our society stands are so under paid? Think about it. Every child is required to go to school. If they don’t go, their parents can get into trouble. School is the place where we learn trivia, facts, about ourselves, social skills, sports, music, and so many other things. Of course we all have the ability to learn about these things aside from school, but some never have the opportunity. Most people are in school for anywhere between the first 13 to the first 25 years of their life. Toward the end of some people’s school career, they decide it is a place they would enjoy being for the rest of their lives; a place where they can teach and impact other people who will some day effect society and perhaps change it. They go to college to learn to teach and that is what they spend their working years doing. Teaching the future generation(s) of our country/world.

The average starting salary of a teacher is $30,719 and the average teacher pay is $46,957. How many people on average will make $47,000 at the job they will have for most of their life? How many people will be happy with that? Isn’t that a salary most college graduates hope to start at? When you are 45 and have been in your business for 20 years will you think $45,000 is sufficient compensation for the job you are doing? Doctors are very valuable to society and their pay reflects that. What about actors, musicians (i.e. Kanye West), athletes? Are they as important to society as teachers? They are disappointed when they make $1 million a year, right? What about the actors who make $20 million a movie? Is that really that much more important than our teachers??

Most of this country’s brightest people want to make good money or get famous or have recognition. Those are not things you can accomplish (in most normal situations) as a teacher. Shouldn’t that be a social responsibility we have to increase teachers’ pay/benefits so that it is something more people want to do? At this point, so many promising people choose to do other things because it has a more appeal to them. Of the people who become teachers, many of them hate their jobs and end up bitter and angry. When you are bitter, angry, and dealing with children, what good can come of that? These teachers are left teaching below the level of their ability. They are boring or mean or unwilling to reexplain things to children who don’t understand something. I’m even willing to bet that these attitudes are why some children are coined “bad” when they are not at all. Teachers need to be appreciated, thanked, acknowledged, and paid more!

I just don’t understand how things work sometimes. Teachers are so important and so under appreciated. They are not treated well by a lot of people and they are certainly not paid accordingly for a job they do that we all depend on. If teachers didn’t do their job, who would? Could you?


One response to “Teachers

  1. I agree. Whatever people might say teachers are the most important people.

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