I am going to be single FOREVER!

church guy: hey, how are you doing?
me: I’m getting better, I’ve been sick all week.
church guy: I was sick a little this week.
me: that’s no good.
church guy: yeah, I had a sick girlfriend all week. She wasn’t very happy.
*minimal more small talk while turning away from each other*

What the f—?!? A mother freaking girlfriend?!? Are you kidding me? Who acts all into you and asks you questions and acts liek they want to get to know you and smiles at you and eye flirts with you and approaches you after church when they have a freaking girlfriend??? I seriously got in my car, sat down and proceeded to talk to myself. “He has a freaking girlfriend? Are you kidding me? A mother freaking girlfriend. What the hell??” Grrr, I’m seriously irritated.


5 responses to “I am going to be single FOREVER!

  1. Who acts like that? Well guys do… duh

  2. I’m sorry. What a jackass. He’s not worth your time anyway. You;re better than that. One of these days you’re going to find an amazing guy that’s going to treat you like a princess. Hang in there.

  3. How about if you get to know a guy before you start obsessing over him. That way you at least know if its worth it.

  4. YouWillLearnToHateMe

    From a guy’s perspective, flirting can be just for fun. If there are significant others, then doubly so since there are no expectations of anything actually happening.

    The fact that you didn’t find out about the girlfriend until recently is an issue (he should have told you on 2-12, i bet), but he might have been genuinely interested despite the S.O., and guilt finally got him. Or maybe he wants you to be aggresive and fight for him. Or maybe he was just gaming you.

    Anyhow, at least you weren’t cynical/hostile from the get-go like you are with guys who kindly ask you to smile. But the smiling thing is an argument for another time. Keep being friendly to boys you don’t know… you never know if the boy might be interested. If you don’t want a player, then the boy that seems the least interested may be the one you want to keep up with…

    if you want to meet a lot of nice guys and get used to flirting without it meaning that the guy wants to sleep with you tonight, try dancing. not the club ghettobooty crap where girl has some guy come up and rub his package all over her back as if thats somehow sexy, but real salsa,swing or ballroom latin dancing. yes, there are plenty of players and nasty guys in on it, but thats why its good for you. you’ll get used to brushing them off, no guilt. and you’ll meet the awesome guys and have a blast. and you keep meeting new people, which makes it so great, in case you get bored with current crop. disclaimer: i’m biased – i’m a ballroom and swing dancer.

    to atx: signing offline after you say “i’m right! i win!” is soooo cheap ;-)

  5. Are you kidding? Girls do this ALL THE TIME. I actually wait for it. I’ve even done a little experiment the last couple of times I’ve conversed with girls, where I say immediatly afterwards “Wow, that’s a relief, because I was afraid you were going to start wanting to date me.” I think that sends the message back theri way pretty clearly.

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