Free Time

I just turned in my key to the office and received a $300 check in return. $300 to get me through my trip to New York, Boston, and the rest of the month. I need to find a new job. I didn’t choose to leave the one I was at, although it sucked the life out of me. I hated it and wanted to leave, but I had entered into an agreement with my boss. It was a year long internship; August to August. Apparently not according to him anymore. He started getting more business than he had before and began looking for another girl to hire to help his assistant, Amy. I knew this, no big deal. He offered her the job, she accepted the offer. She was supposed to start March 1st and that was moved up to today. Thursday, after I had been out sick for 3 days he called me and told me he’d hired a new girl (like I didn’t know that already) and that she’d be taking over my computer and desk (or workstation as he referred to it) and he wasn’t sure if he’d have a place or much work for me.

So basically, he was hiring this girl…that I knew…and she’s replacing me? Why did he not tell me that more than 2 business days before she started?!? So he leaves me with 2 days notice to find something else. Thanks dick head! Why did he not let me in on this when he started looking? He had to have known.

I seriously think there are so many things that man does not think through. He doesn’t seem to consider many other people when he is doing something. I was always a little uncomfortable around him. He was always micromanaging me and he was so condescending so many times. He would go to my computer before I came to work and open my email so that I could see what he’d sent me to do that day…like I didn’t come in and check that on my own. I don’t mind not working there, don’t get me wrong. I do, however, mind not working. I’m just so frustrated about the way he did things. For as professional as he is, I feel like he didn’t handle it very professionally…but I think a lot of that might be because he doesn’t view me as a professional. Who knows. Yet again, here I find myself stuck in another, “Who does that?!?” situation. How do I always seem to find myself in these positions? Urg!


3 responses to “Free Time

  1. it always sucks that the assholes are in positions of power

  2. YouWillLearnToHateMe

    “mark rocks” gets the Most Suggestive Comment of the Day award for combining the words “sucks”, “assholes”, and “positions” in a sentence that is ostensibly non-sexual!

  3. that guy is a ‘”DICK HEAD” what the “HELL” is his problem replacing you witout notice if you ask me he was SCREWING the girl he replaced you with but hey if I were you I would have tagged(PUNCHED IN THE FACE) the shit out of that pussy and then i would have gave him a PHILLY STYLE ASS WHOOPIN!!!!!!

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