Inline Skating

Until my family moved to Texas, inline speed skating used to be my life. It was what I did. There was maybe one day a week I did not skate. My dad was our teams coach. We were alright. For anyone who doesn’t know, inline speed skating it essentially the same thing as the speed skating you see in the olympics but on wood floors and inline skates (that can run you about $1000). The skates even look the same with thin wheels in place of blades.

When I was watching the Olympics I knew Chad Hedrick had skated when I did and I wondered if he was at Nationals when I was. (When I skated I was pretty good and I went to nationals when I was 11.) I also wondered about Apolo Anton Ohno. He also inline speed skated when I did…and we’re the same age. I just got a message from a friend asking me if I remember seeing Chad Hedrick at our meets back in the day. I don’t, but apparently he was there. Hmm. Neat.

Lately I have been wondering “what if…” a lot and one of those things I’ve been wondering about if what I would have done had I continued skating. I wonder if I would have been good enough to go to the Olympics, I mean…I was one of the best when I was 11. Food for thought.


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