Back in the neighborhood

Lately I have been running back in the neighborhood behind where I live. If I run to the end of the road I live on and back it’s almost 4 miles. It’s so much easier that driving all the way to townlake. I am, however, running on cement most of the time and that is definitely not good for my already bad knees. My right knee is now to the point that it is constantly painful. I don’t know how to make it better without not running, but I am not willing to stop. Advil is becoming a good friend.

Today I went kind of early. I passed a group of 6 or 7 women stretching in front of a house on a side road. It made me smile. How fun to exercise with a group of friends. That’s so motivating…you always have someone to help you out, too keep you going, to keep you accountable. It is nice having the alone time though. Anyway, the neighborhood is a nice place to run. I miss living in a house and having a neighborhood. I’m ready to be “a grown-up” and have a house and a dog and a job, etc.


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