I might be masochistic

Thanks to lunch with Mike last week and a discussion with my mom this weekend I am entertaining the thought of law school to follow abtaining my masters. We will see. Right now it is just something I am considering. I have been told a number of times by different people in the course of me life that I would make a good lawyer. I don’t know, however, that I want to be in school until I am in my late 20s. I will think about it more and pray about it some and see where that gets me. I might take it as far as to take the LSAT and see how I do. Maybe that will determine what I do. I am the kind of person who only wants to get a grad degree from a top school (ex. Texas is in the top 3 adv. grad schools and the other school I applied to is Michigan State. That is also in the top 3 — I got in to both). It might be good to go to law school though because adv is such a stressful, long houred job. I can’t imagine there are a lot of people who focus on advertising law. It might be a niche that isn’t widely explored or saturated. I might be able to do a lot with a masters in advertising and a law degree. Plus, I want to work in NYC. There are both good advertising and good law there. Hmmm……


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