Leaves in the road

So in running in the neighborhood lately I have encountered lots of leaves on the side of the road to run on/through/around. There have also been a ton of leaves in the parking lot of my apt. complex. I have not been parking under trees because my car will be covered with dead leaves (which it was this weekend before I washed it). Today while I was running I passed a mostly leave free yard. They had 10 leave bags from Home Depot FULL by their driveway for the trash. Must have done a lot of yardwork this weekend.

It’s so wierd to me that the trees here don’t lose their leaves in the fall. It doesn’t get cold enough I guess. The trees here lose their leaves in the spring when the trees start budding again. So, right now it’s like fall here in that there are leaves EVERYWHERE. It’s so odd. I wish people would clean up their leaves.


One response to “Leaves in the road

  1. YouWillLearnToHateMe

    2 thumbs up for a random post :-)

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