So today I went to HEB to pick up a prescription about 5pm. As I was walking to the pharmacy I saw a man who looked familiar. Tall, skinny, white hair. He was on the phone and as I was looking at him like he looked familiar he said, “This is Pete Carroll…” and I was immediately immersed in thought of who Pete Carroll was. I knew I knew the name but I didn’t know why, then I realized I associated his name with football…….with coaching football….was is college or NFL? No, Pete Roselle is the NFL. Pete Carroll is college, but what college? I picked up my perscription and when I was walking back out he was still there. I studied his face. He saw me. I couldn’t remember who Pete Carroll was or why exactly I knew the name. When I was walking out I called and asked Dad. He wasn’t much help. I knew Matt would know, so I called him. He laughed at me and told me he is USC’s head coach. I convinced myself there’s NO WAY that was Pete Carroll. I ran some errands and when I got home I googled him. The picture of the man on the USC website is the man that I saw in the grocery store.

Now, that’s super wierd. Why would he be in and HEB in Austin…grocery shopping??? If he had family here or who went to the school I assume it would be all over the media like the girl who was all over the media because brother and boyfriend go to Notre Dame and Ohio State and they played each other in a bowl game. They don’t start spring training for another 2 weeks though, so it’s possible that he could be here. He could be recruiting…but why, if he was recruiting would he be at the grocery store? So wierd.


2 responses to “The HEB

  1. Mel (not the one who writes this stuff)

    he’s spying on he longhorns to see what it is we eat/drink/do to get so damn good….good enough to beat their sorry asses :)

  2. I went to get my yearly sexual harrassment physical last week and the doctor asked if I wanted to get checked for STDs. I said Why not.

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