Saturday: 3rd Day

Today I got up about 11 and showered and got ready.  12:30 we were out the door and on the way to Little Italy.  We got there about 1:30 and arrived in Chinatown.  We walked around for a while, mostly because we went the wrong way, surprise, surprise.  There were So many peopl everywhere!  It was interesting and cool to see though.  From there we went to Little Italy where we’d decided we were going to get lunch.  We did, it was alright.  It seemed like Little Italy was all the restaurants and Chinatown was all the knock off and touristy shops.  Interesting.  After lunch, fron Little Italy we walked north through Soho and then Noho and then finally, the area near NYU.  There were some really neat shops in Soho.  Cesi-Cese (or something like that) looked like it had the best desserts EVER.  I wanted to get something but I was just so full, I want to go back later.

From NYU(ish) we caught the subway up to Times Square.  We got off the subway at Grand Central Station and walked around.  It was so cool.  Really pretty and there were so many shops and things.  There was a Central Market there which was cool.  Good idea…go someone.  I bet so many people stop there on their way home from work or wherever to pick up dinner.  Then we walked to Times Square.  I was in complete awe there.  Holy cow, it was incredible.  The ads were great all over the place.  It was bright and flashy and I never want to leave NY!  We went to the Hershy’s store and the MTV store and some other tourist places and walked around for quite a while.  We decided to get tickets to see Wicked, it was sold out.  From there we walked down Broadway and down to Rockefeller Center (but not before going the wrong direction).  We walked around and looked at the skating rink, NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, etc…we also looked for Trump Tower, which we might have seen, but I’m not sure because I don’t really know what I was looking for.  From there we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The 5:30 mass had just gotten out, so we walked through it.  It in incredible in there.  Really beautiful.  When we left we found the subway and went uptown.

We then went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We were trying to find the Museum of Modern Art.  Oh well, it was a museum and it was open, so we went through it.  It was really neat and some of the things were really beautiful, but I couldn’t help but think that they shouldn’t be there.  Why not just leave the beautiful things where they belonged?  In the churches, in the old houses with the heirs, in the burial sites, etc.  Some of those things we “stole” and others were made beautiful for people to have and use and enjoy, not be in museums.

After the museum we walked around a little and found a place called Sissy’s Sliders.  We had sliders (mini hamburgers) there for dinner, imagine that.  It was enjoyable.  I didn’t touch my fries because the 4 sliders made me full (I wasn’t all that hungry to begin with, but had I not eaten I would be starving right now), so I gave them to the homeless man who was begging on the corner.  I’m just not willing to give money.  I hope that helped him out some.  Then, we caught a cab back to Kat’s, got ready for bed and watched When Harry Met Sally (continuing our New York set movie streak).  It is now bed time.  Lots to do tomorrow!  Can’t wait!!  Even more, I can’t wait until I can move here.  This had really made me want to be here, more than ever before.  I can’t wait until I can finally live and work and be successful here.  On top of that, it has made me refind my previously claimed independence.  I no longer want to find a guy, I’m not worried about it.  I’d rather not and just have fun.  If I have a boy, that ties me down.  Sans boy I am free to travel, move, and do as I please.  No boy = much easier time moving to New York and doing what I want to do without having to consider the feelings or well being of another person.  Another single year, here I come!  G’night all.

Edit: At one point in the day we were in the subway and a family of 3 stepped on.  Obviously in town visiting…before they got on the mom popped her head in and asked if the train was going somewhere.  Someone said yes, they got on.  I’m not sure they’d ridden the subway before.  The mom wasn’t really holding on to anything I guess and nearly fell over backward when the train started.  A native seeming New Yorker saw her falling and reached out, got behind her and grabbed her.  It was so nice.  Not something I would have expected to see.


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