First Day in New York

Athena and I left my apartment via Mike (thank you SO much by the way!!) about 4:00.  We got to the airport, checked in and got me food since I hadn’t eaten all day.  We boarded the plane about 5 and headed to NYC!  We each had our own individual little tvs with 36 channels.  I wanted American Idol, read some more of Jane Eyre and watched some of The Family Stone.  Good movie.  Our flight landed about 9:50.  We walked to baggage claim and waited.  and waited.  and waited.  The first round of bags came.  Ours didn’t.  I got a little worried.  Afterall, I had 3 interviews starting at 10 the next morning.  No clothes = not good.  Second round of bags came and after 20 minutes of waiting we finally had ours and were off to the AirTrain.  That took us to the sub-way which we were taking from JFK to Manhatten.  We had no idea how far we were going.  We got to Kat’s about 12:15.  I felt bad that we were so late because she had to get up and work in the morning.  So, we got ready for bed, thanked Kat for letting us stay there, and went to sleep on our blow up matress.  We had a small, thin fleece blanket and neither of us felt like cuddling, so we decided to get under the blanket that was covering the matress.  We decided to take it off and upon attemt, discovered sheets under it.  We felt dumb and giggled quite a bit.  Then, sleep. 


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