Friday: 2nd day

Kat got up at 7.  I did NOT sleep well on the air matress.  In fact, I’m not sure I slept much at all.  I got up about 7:30.  Showered, figured out where I had to go, figured out how to get there on the subway, and set out.  Before I left I decided I needed to get some closed toes shoes so that my feet wouldn’t freeze up here.  I got some heels at 9 West.  I HATE pointy toed shoes, but they were about all I could find in the little time I had.  So, I wore them and they hurt by the time I got to the first place, the Coastal Group.  I sat for 20 minutes in the waiting room waiting for Catherine because she was working on a shoot.  She finally had me sent back.  They were working with a model, taking pictures for an ad.  It was so cool.  Catherine seemed really great.  She was cute and energetic and well spoken and intelligent and I truely enjoyed meeting her.  She seemed very busy and I am very glad she took the time to meet with me.  From there I set out and walked to BBDO.  I left there about 11:30 and my appointment with Catherine at BBDO was at 12.  I walked 7 blocks or so.  Feet hurt.  I got to a much more businessy area and checked in at the security desk.  You had to have clearance with a badge to even get near an elevator.  I went up to BBDO and sat.  For 10 minutes.  Catherine came out.  She was much younger than I expected.  A year and a half out of college.  Much younger.  She was cute and seemed really sweet.  I think the interview went pretty well.  We will see what comes of it.  It would be an incredible opportunity be intern there.  Incredible.

After BBDO I had about an hour and a half and I was planning to catch a cab, which would get me to The Bravo Group quickly, so I went for a walk before catching a cab.  I needed lunch.  I didn’t find a place to eat, but I did find Rockefeller Center.  I walked around and saw the shops and the skating rink and NBC studios and Radio City Music Hall.  I think I had permasmile.  It was great.  I also walked past St. Patrick’s Cathedral which is where we are planning to go to church.  It is gorgeous.  Everything here is so amazing.  I LOVE it.

 I walked a block or so from Rockefeller Center and caught a cab crosstown.  My cab driver asked me something, can’t remember what, and he had a spanish accent.  For some, unlike me reason, I answered si to his question and the VERY quickly corrected myself.  I felt stupid.  He laughed for like 2 minutes.  It was cute.  He then asked me what month I was born.  I told him, he asked what day.  I told him and he then told me my sign and started telling me about myself.  I don’t believe in astrology and really don’t want anything to do with it.  It was awkward.  He dropped me off in the area of where I needed to go.  I was there 30 minutes early, walked around, couldn’t find it, sat down at Starbucks to read for a few minutes.  There were lots of NYU students around.  I called Susan, the woman I was meeting, she gave me directions and I found them.  I checked in at security again, went up, checked in with the secretary, filled out an application, and sat.  I sat for about 30 minutes.  Finally, Mercedes came out and met with me.  We went back to her office and Susan joined us.  It was a pretty formal interview, but I feel like I answered the questions well.  It is a Hispanic focused agency though and they didn’t like that I don’t know Spanish.  Grrr.  Oh well, who knows.  She did say knowing Spanish isn’t such a big deal for planning.  When I was finished I walked the block to the subway and headed back to Kat’s place to meet Athena so I would change.

Back at the apt I took off my shoes, finally.  I have NEVER had bigger blisters on my feet, ever.  I have water blisters bigger than quarters on the inside of my foot where the first joint of my big toe is.  After I changed, we went out walking, looking for something for Athena to wear out to the bar.  We went to Express.  Woohoo.  Don’t they have Express in Texas?!  *shrug*  We ate dinner at a little Italian restaurant.  I didn’t enjoy my food very much.  Then, after a trip back to Express and Kennith Cole for shoes for her, we came back to Kat’s and watched Serendipity.  I was SO tired.  She took a nap, I read.  Then, I talked to Joe, who I went to college with.  He told us where to go out and said he’d meet us after he left work.  We got ready and left about 10.  We took the subway down to the west village.  We had NO idea where to go, so while walking around we stopped at Starbucks for Athena and then walked some more.  After talking to Joe again he told us where to go, good thing too because Athena was getting mad at me because I didn’t know where I was going.  We found Absolutely 4th and waited for him to get there.  30 minutes later he arrived.  30 minutes after that Doug, who lives with Joe and who I also knew from college, met up with us.  I had a pretty good time.  About 1:30 we set out to go to another bar to meet up with some of Joe’s friends.  Athena decided she wanted to go home, I didn’t want to stay out much longer, and I didn’t want either of us to travel alone, so I went with her.  Doug came with us.  As soon as we said we were going to go, Joe hailed a cab and took off.  Wtf.  We took the subway home, got here about 2:30 and went to bed.

 Good day.


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