Sunday: Day 4

So today we got up, got ready, cleaned up Kat’s apt and set out in search of flowers.  We found some pretty pink and orange roses less than a block away, returned, put them in water and left them with the thank you note I’d written.  As we were leaving Kat’s apt a cab pulled up.  I said, “how funny would if be if that was Kat.”  Haha…it was her parents and sister.  It was really funny.  It was rainy and gross.  We came to the hostel and left our things in the storage room, then tried to decide what to do.  I wanted to go to mass and Pastis.  Athena didn’t want to do either.  We got snappy and then sat quiet for a while.  Finally we decided to go our separate ways and meet back up.

I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for mass at 1.  I wanted to go at 10:15 because the cardinal does that mass, but it was just too early for everything we had to do before.  While I was waiting for the 12pm mass to get out I saw a group of teenage guys wearing Kingwood jackets.  I asked if they were from Kingwood, Texas.  They said yes.  How random.  Then, as it was letting out a woman say the Tech sweatchirt I’m wearing and gave me a guns up!  I have seen so many people in UT stuff, so that was pretty neat.  I sat very near the front for mass and it was a gorgeous church, but it was the fastest most unfulfilling mass ever.  The mass literally took less than 30 minutes.  Fastest mass I’ve ever been to.

After mass I walked down to the Empire State Building to meet Athena.  She had just gotten to the Museum of Sex though, so I went in alone.  I was going to go up and look around, but it’s $16 and the top of the building was in the fog (it was rainy and miserable today), so I didn’t.  I walked around for quite a while and saw a MAC store, so I went in to look.  I asked the guy there if there was a good cafe or something around to get lunch at.  He said the place across the street (Bienvenidos) was good, so I went there.  It was, they had great homemade lemonade and I got a cobb salad.  Good service too.  It was cute.  Athena finished up and came and met up with me.  From there we decided to go to FAO Schwartz.

We walked all the way up through town.  It was a good 30 blocks or so.  We passed Trump Tower on the way as well as Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s, Times Square (again), the Empire State Building (again) and finally made it there.  It was rainy, so we had our unbrellas us…our matching umbrellas.  I felt so dorky.  I didn’t consider when I bought it that we would ever have them out together.  Oh well.  So we got to FAO Schwartz and I wanted to buy something just for the novelty of it…but there wasn’t anything there for me…or anyone in my family.  We settled for a picture with the cute soldier by the door.

From there we walked across Central Park and caught the subway back up to the Hostel.  We changed and headed to dinner at Churrascaria Plataforma.  Oh my gosh, if you are ever in New York, eat there!!!  It was incredible.  Good foor, good atmosphere, great service.  All in all we spent $77 each.  After dinner (we were Thanksgiving stuffed) we headed back up to the Hostel and here we are now.  Athena wants to go to a local bar, but my book and bed are looking pretty alright to me right now.  I am still just so full.  We will see.

Until tomorrow…


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