Friday: Day 9

We slept in, I was so tired, so that was good. We got up to get lunch like we’d planned the night before. We went to a place called Upstair on the Square. It was decorated a lot like Alice in Wonderland. They had really good food. I got an English Cheddar Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Yum. It was such a cool place. From there we went and walked around Harvard. There is a statue of the founded, (John T?) Harvard, whose foot it is supposedly good luck to rub. He was a bronze statue and his foot was all shiny while the rest of him was all dirty looking. It was neat. Then we went to the Co-op there and I got a long sleeved t-shirt and a beanie.

After Harvard, the 8 or so of us who were there decided to go do the Freedom Trail. It was windy and cold. The coolest thing I saw was an old, old, old graveyard where Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, and Mother Goose (maybe) are burried. The park you start from is the oldest park in the country. That was neat. Had that been in Houston or something there would have been a building there with a plaque on it saying, the first park in the US used to be here. After the graveyard, I was cold, so I caught the T and went back to the hotel to hang out until dinner.

I went with Jarmihya (sp?) to Au Bon Pain for dinner, yum. I wish they had those here. Then we hung out until everyone got back. About 7:30 we took off to head to a bar by BU to hang out for the night. We got there, watched some bball, got some drinks and had a good time. Again, people left early and went back to hang out at the hotel…I don’t get it. I think we got back about 1:30 or so. Everyone hung out in our room for a while. I think I fell asleep about 3, got up about 4:45, left with Tiffany for the airport about 5 and caught my 7am flight.


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