Monday: Day 5

We got up about 11 and were going to go somewhere before lunch, I can’t remember where, but didn’t have time, so we just got ready and headed to Serendipity. We got there about 1 and had a reservation for 1. I am SO glad we did. There were so many people there waiting. We sat for 30-45 minutes before our food came. The tables were close together, as is everything in NY, because everything is small. The woman at the table next to me was SO freaking loud. Grr. It annoyed me. Finally our food came. It was good, but I’ve had better. I also got a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. SO good. That’s what they’re famous for…their frozen hot chocolate. Athena and I also got a chocolate brownie sundae thing for desert. We couldn’t finish it because we were so full. I wish we could have…or saved it. The service there was AWFUL! You would think that a place as famous as Serendipity would have good service…especially when they’re always busy. Athena didn’t tip at all. I can’t do that…I left like 12%.

After lunch we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar right down the block. So much better than the Hershey’s store in Times Square! They had everything. It was awesome. I bought a coffee mug and a shoulder bag. They’re cute. After that we went to Times Square (I think) where I bought Dad a shirt and Brian a shot glass. I got mom a packit of frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity. We walked around there some and then went up 6th Ave. (I think). We walked up the MOMA and on the way stopped at Barnes and Noble, went by Macy’s and a few other places. We got there right as they were closing. They weren’t open the next day. We went to a Cingular right there because Athena wanted to cancel the insurance on her phone. We were close to Columbus Circle then, so we went to the Borders there and read/researched where else to go. About 8 we decided to go to Katz’s for dinner. I didn’t know what kind of food to expect, but I’d heard it was really good. Athena said there is one in Austin, but when we got there it wasn’t what she expected. I got Chili and a hot dog. From there we went back to the Hostel and went to bed because I had to be up early Tuesday.


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