Thursday: Day 8

We got up, got ready, met the group and headed to Hill Holliday, about a block away, where we had short meetings with a few people and got to see some of their agency. They do Dunkin Donuts advertising as well as Budweiser (they do many others also). From there we had very little time (forget lunch) to make it down to Chinatown to Modernista! for our next meeting. We got there early and they were out to lunch, so we all went our own way to get lunch and meet back up there in like 30 minutes. I went with 6 or 7 other girls to a chinese restaurant around the corner. It was good. Then we met with the Modernista! guys for 2 hoursish. It was really interesting, I think we all liked it a lot. They do Hummer and Gap advertising, among other things.

That afternoon we all went back to the hotel and did our own thing. I went with Ben and Chris to Au Bon Pain for a snack and walked around the mall that our hotel was in for a little bit. Then, we met up with some more people and went to Fenieul (sp?) Hall for dinner. We went to Dick’s Last Resort. It was great. I love that they can be assholes to you there. I want a job like that! They make hats there out of butcher paper for the customers. It was Molly’s birthday, so he made her one that had balloons attached to the top of it and said “Spank me, it’s my birthday.” Then he made hats for all the rest of us. Amber, who was next to me, had one that said “cheap” and mine said “easy.” Adrian’s said “Porn Stunt Double,” Amr’s said “I’m not a doctor, but I play one in XXX movies,” Chris’s said “Been ridden more times that a Greyhound bus,” Ben’s said, “I like to blow bubbles.” Patrick was sitting next to him and his said, “Hi. I’m Bubbles.” There were others, but I think those were the best.

After dinner we went to a bar called Hong Kong that the waiter recommended. They had kareoke downstairs and dancing upstairs. They had a “drink” called a Scorpion Bowl that was a big ole bowl fill of liquor and a little punch. I split one with Adrian. After people were starting to look bored (I don’t know how you get bored at a bar with a group that big.) Molly picked up her coat to move it and that just opened up a can of worms. Everyone started grabbing their stuff and were all ready to go. Grr. It was frusterating. It was 10:30 on a Thursday during spring break in Boston. It was too early to go back to the hotel. We stood around in the street for a while and no one would make a decision about where to go, so Tiffany, Jarmiyah (sp?), Ben and I went to a lounge nearby that Michelle, Tiffany’s friend, knew about. We had a good time and stayed there for a while. We got back to the hotel about 1. The rest of the group had gone back to the hotel and rented a movie. I’m sorry, but who goes on spring break and sits in the hotel and watches a movie?!?



One response to “Thursday: Day 8

  1. YouWillLearnToHateMe

    Thursday, Day 8:
    “The rest of the group had gone back to the hotel and rented a movie. I’m sorry, but who goes on spring break and sits in the hotel and watches a movie?!?”
    (…dreamy flashback sequence…)
    Sunday, Day 4:
    “After dinner (we were Thanksgiving stuffed) we headed back up to the Hostel and here we are now. Athena wants to go to a local bar, but my book and bed are looking pretty alright to me right now. I am still just so full. We will see.”

    because reading a book in bed is so much better? :-) i’m not really ragging on you… we all do this sort of thing. in our heads, its “a different situation” and if you “just knew the details” or “were there” then you’d understand. anyone who calls me confusing is fully justified and i accept that. we’re all moody bastards. and if i may, i declare myself the king of moodiness. i want wenches with tropical leaves wafting in a cool breeze over me. no wait, a beach with sun and cerveza! actually mountains and snow and campfires and log cabins sound nice, so long as there is internet if i really get the urge to email/surf/aim. oh! backpacking through europe! err wait, african safari? i’ve always wanted to live in italy… or visit france for a few years.

    like most people, i don’t know what i really want, although i often think i’ve got it figured out.

    hmm, i guess this ended up being about me more than you. que sera.

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