Tuesday: Day 6

I got up at 7:30, showered, got ready for my interview, packed up my things and had them put in the storage room. About 8am I got a text from Rachel, who I was supposed to stay with that night, telling me to call her when I got it. I did and her flight was, after all, tomorrow, not today. She wouldn’t be back for me to stay with. She could have her flight changed, but it would be $200 so she wanted to know if I could stay with another friend of mine. I told her I’d call Joe and I’m sure I could. $200 is a lot of money. Then I went to check out. The girls in line in front of me at the desk that morning were deaf and they were having issues communicating with everyone. I finally got annoyed and translated. We put our things in storage, I stepped out to head to the subway, but it was raining, so I went back and got my umbrella out of my bag and then I was off. I left later than I meant to…oops. The stop I ended my ride at was Grand Central. It was rush hour more or less when I was there. It was neat. From there I walked to CDM where I had 4 interviews that morning.

The first was a man named Tim who’d gone to Tech like 20 years before me. He seemed really nice and I enjoyed talking to him. Next was a girl named Kim. She was young and the conversation wasn’t as easy with her. After her I was supposed to meet with Erin, but she had a conflict, so I met with Tom, an account planner. I felt like the meeting with him went really well. I really enjoyed talking to him. He asked me at one point why I like account planning. I gave him the basic bullshit answer, but then I added that I was once sitting in a presentation and the man (who was an account planner) said he was always the kind of kid who asked why and that if that was you then you were probably in the right place. I told him that that was and always had been me and then when I find out the answer to why I am never happy, I will usually come up with another “why” or “what about.” He told me it was interesting I’d said that and pulled up a presentation he had on his computer. He had almost exactly what I had just told him in a slide in his presentation. (Me: 1, CDM: 0) Woohoo! I feel like it went really well with him. After that I guess I was supposed to try to meet with Erin, but she was busy for another 30 minutes, so I walked around outside and talked to Natashia on the phone.

As I was walking around talking to Natashia about who knows what and trying to find my way back to the building I passed by a hotel and standing on the sidewalk waiting (for who knows what) was a short girl with short brown hair and a noticeably famous freckle on her cheek. Once I got out of her hearing range I quit fumbling over my words with Natashia and told her I think I just passed Natalie Portman but that there was no way she’d be standing on a New York sidewalk by herself. Why would she even be in New York? We convinced me that is wasn’t her, hung up, and I went to my interview with Erin.

I feel like it also went well, she was really nice. I enjoyed it a lot. She was sick and I felt bad for her. At the end of things she asked me if I had any questions about the company that needed answering. I felt bad, but I didn’t because I’d already met with 3 other people and sort of had my questions answered by them. Oh well. I really really hope I hear back from them. If I could intern there this summer that would be amazing. I liked CDM and the people I met with there the best of any of the companies I interviewed with while I was in New York.

After that I took the subway to Soho and met Athena at Ceci-Celi, a small patisserie we’re run across a few days before and were determined to go back to. We had lunch there (it was alright) and deserts. I took mine to go because I was full, but wanted them so bad. They were amazing. I snacked on them all day. From there we went to a shop Athena had discovered upon coming out of the subway and then walked around shopping for the afternoon. I didn’t buy anything, although I was looking for tennis shoes and maybe jeans). We ended up at the Manhattan Mall where Athena left me because she had to go get her things from the Hostel and get to the airport.

After I was finished there, which wasn’t long, I went to the Times Square visitors center to check out Color Purple tickets…after all, I had nothing else to do that night. I had to wait for Joe and Doug to get off work before I could go to their place. They live in Brooklyn where isn’t not very safe and didn’t want me going there without one of them. I bought at ticket for the show right in the middle of the second row. While I was waiting for the show, I had over 2 hours to kill until 7, I went back to FAO Schwarts where I was going to buy a birthday present for Athena but couldn’t remember which doll she liked, so I didn’t.

I hadn’t heard from Doug all day (he gets off work like 5 hours before Joe) and needed to know what to do with my things and my time, so I called Joe. I told him I’d bought that ticket because I didn’t know what else to do until “later.” I needed to do something with my stuff though and he told me to bring it to his office and leave it with him. Ok, that works, so I went and got it and headed to his office. From there I attempted to catch a cab while walking, because the show was going to start in like 20 minutes. They were all full! Finally a car/driver (one of those black towncars that rich people ride in) pulled over. He wanted $15 for the trip. I had $8. He took me. I was about 10 minutes late to the show and felt like an ass getting to my seat. The rows were so thin and I was right in the center. I know I got in peoples’ way. Oops. Oh well. During intermission I didn’t move. Ha, I didn’t want to bother people again.

The show was so good. I loved the music. By the time it finished (9:30) Doug had just gotten home, so I had to wait for Joe to get off work, which meant I had to find someone to do until 12 or so. I went to a pub I’d seen before in Times Square (Pig & Whistle). I wached some of the game that was on but felt stupid not talking to anyone, so I struck up a conversation with two guys (Seth and Tom) who were filling out a bracket. Tom was drunk and Seth seemed pretty cool. We hung out there for a while and then Seth decided to go meet a friend at another bar. He invited me to go with and I did. We hung out there for a while and finally Joe called. I was tired and ready to go. I took the subway to his office and we caught a cab to Brooklyn. Joe gave me his bed (sweet) and I slept until I had to get up the next morning.


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