Wednesday: Day 7

I got up about 8:30 and had to leave at 8:45 when Joe did. I rode the subway up to Columbus Circle and took Kat her apartment keys that I still hadn’t given her. I had 3 hours to kill until my train left for Boston. I went to Grand Central Station, because I wanted to eat there…seriously. I got a Cobb Salad at this little place. Yum. I hung out for a little while and then headed to Penn Station. I was a little early, so I read and then got on the train about 1. I didn’t know what I was doing because I’d never been on the train. There was a nice guy (he said he was an adv. photographer) who helped me out and talked to me some.

It was a good ride and I’m glad I didn’t fly. It would have been faster, but that’s ok. I read for a while and was tired, so I closed my book and just watched out the window. Next think I knew I was waking up. I looked at my watch and I had slept for about 90 minutes. I had no idea. It was so weird. It felt like I literally just closed my eyed for like 10 seconds. Crazy. Anyway, when I got off the train in Boston they were having snow flurries. It was annoying. I caught a cab to the hotel and met up with the people who were there.

We hung out for a while and then went to the Concierge to find out a good place to go for dinner. We went to a place called the Snack Shack (I think). It was all seafood and good. I asked our waiter his name, where he was from and how old he was. From then on it was on. For the rest of dinner he was referred to as my boyfriend. We had a good time. I got crab something…wasn’t really sure what, but was told it was good. When it came it was 3 whole crabs. Eating those took so much energy. Marco, our waiter, showed us how to open them and pick them apart though. He asked us who wanted to have theirs done for the lesson. The other 3 who’d gotten the same thing as me didn’t say anything, so I said I would. I could only eat 1 and a half of them. I was so stuffed.

From dinner we went back to the hotel and went to sleep because we had agency trips early the next day and everyone was tired from traveling.


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