on the hunt

Seeing as how all of my efforts right now are pretty focused on finding an internship for the summer, this may turn into a journal all about the interviews, the people, the expectations, and the difficulties of finding work in advertising. So far I have had 4 interviews and I have at least 3 more to go. While I was in New York I went to the coastal group, the bravo group, cdm (who I liked the best) and bbdo. I would be happy at any of them because, frankly, they are in new york. I have one at tracylocke thursday in dallas that I really hope goes well. I saw Staci, the woman who is interviewing me, at the career fair here and she remembered me from last year when I interviewed with her (even though I didn’t get the job). That’s good, right? It would be awesome if I could get the job there too, but then I’d have to find somewhere to live in Dallas for the summer. Becca’s couch, here I come! Kidding…sort of. Monday I have an interview here with Toquini (sp?). Maybe I should figure out how to spell that if I’m going to try to get a job with them. There’s also a good chance that I will be interviewing with gsd&m and I got an email from a woman at latinworks telling me to call EC to set up an interview with him. I called him before I left for New York and when I got back. Still haven’t talked to him. I hope he calls me back. Anyway, I’m supposed to be researching for a paper right now. Gotta go.


2 responses to “on the hunt

  1. Hey Mel. Sorry about the whole New York/Florida fiasco. I should be in Austin sometime next month, so I’ll let you know and we can hang out.

  2. You could find a summer sublease through Craigslist.