Tree hugging hippie liberals (in the words of Joe) annoy me (no matter how long I have known them)!!!

me: Grr!!
her: ?
me: Freaking illegal immegrants! There are hundreds of people in AZ right now protesting a bill that they say will “discriminate agains illegal immegrants.”
me: Good!
me: They’re illegal and shouldn’t be here in the first place.
me: what gives them the right to expect the same rights as an american citizen or someone who is here legally?!?
me: Freakin go back to Mexico!
me: Illegal assholes living off our tax dollars.
me: ok, I think it’s all out.
me: O:-)
her: Everyone who originally came to the US was an immigrant.
me: but not illegally
me: they’re protesting against discrimination against illegal immigrants
her: Well, there wasn’t a government already set up with laws to violate. [just natives to kill]
me: they aren’t even here legally
her: I think I’m the wrong person to argue with about this.
me: Freakin go back to Mexico!
her: I don’t want to discuss this.


me: “[just natives to kill]” so what, do you hate americans and that we’re here. I have no control over what people did in the past. that’s like saying I should repay black people for being slaves. I have no control over that.
her: (away message that is a link to the conversation above on her blog) An example of nativism.
me: nativism?
her: What I’m saying is that people should be able to come to the US and enjoy what we take for granted.
me: not illegally
me: legally, yes, sure fine.
her: I dont’ think there should be such strict laws.
me: then everyone would come here
me: there would be more crime because there wouldn’t be enough jobs…as there aren’t now.
her: Probably not.
her: There are plenty of jobs. Just jobs that people don’t want.
me: you know how many people would come here from mexico rather than get stuck in the border towns?!?
her: just as there are plenty of people who don’t want to work.
her: Do you know how many people come here every day to work and go back home at night?
me: what does that matter? they aren’t living here illegally and they could probably move here if they are working here…unless they are working here illegally.
her: And if you were stuck in situations like that, and had teh chance to come to the US, even if it was through illegal methods, you’d do it.
me: i don’t think I would
her: It does matter. Some people are happy there, but need money.
her: Whatever.
me: yeah, ok, whatever

This all started because of something I saw on CNN. I am irritated by her response and her indifference and the fact that there are people who think it’s ok for ILLEGAL immigrants to come here and work. Yes, they work jobs that people don’t want, but am I the only one catching that word ILLEGAL?? I am very thankful and lucky, both, that I was born in the US, but because I was born here I have certain rights that cannot be taken away from me. I’m sorry, but if you are living in another country, want to have my rights, and sneak in the country to get them, you are here illegally and my government should not protect your rights that you do not have because you are not an American citizen. As for people who want to protect the illegal immigrants…go get some pride in your country. Maybe you can get it while you’re getting an education and quit being ignorant.


6 responses to “Tree hugging hippie liberals (in the words of Joe) annoy me (no matter how long I have known them)!!!

  1. Illegal imigrants are strange… it’s hard to give people rights who aren’t actually supposed to be here. But at the same time it’s hard to deny people event he basic human rights when they spend 14 hours a day picking tomatos off a field in the Florida heat and only get paid 12 dollars a day…. It’s also not fair for the people that saved up and shelled out all the cash to get their green (or whatever colored) cards and worked hard to get into the U.S. So what do you do? Do you do what’s fair and ship them all back to Mejico only to have others replace them the next day? Do you give them all the rights they want? Do you give them some of the help that as a human being they deserve? I don’t know… I say we turn them into modern day gladiators and have them fight dinosaurs.

  2. Mexicans do not have civil rights, those are reserved for the citizens who pay taxes and keep money in the U.S. instead of sending it home to foreign countries. They are entitled to human rights, which they can look for in their own country. In fact, they can even look for civil rights there also. Here’s an idea, instead of them protesting a foreign U.S. government, why don’t they protest their own. They obviously still love their home country so much (after seeing them wave Mexican flags at their illegal alien rights rallies). So why don’t they take their 14 hour tomato-picking work days, go home, and exert all that latino-pride to somebody who might understand their worthless, too lazy and proud to learn English, spanish-speaking, “hard working”, welfare sucking, full of “family values” (i guess that’s their excuse for having 4 kids by the time they’re 21 and i just call it lack of birth-control) people back to where they came from.

    It is true that America was founded by immigrants. But that was in a different time. That was back in the time when monarchies ruled the world and America was the only place to find real freedom. Today, in a time when over 90% of the world’s countries work in some type of democratic fashion, it is different. Instead of staying in their own democratic country (which does not give a damn about its own people and 4% is elite upper class that owns 93% of the nation’s wealth) and working to get what is rightfully theirs (such as plenty of natural resources which are not utilized to their potential), they come to our country, full of liberal ACLU assholes who want to give away everything Americans have worked for because they don’t want to be politically incorrect and send people away who do not belong. We actually listen to them and give them hope. Too many people in our government won’t face the truth that they don’t belong and basically keep encouraging this illegal activity by not taking a firm stance against these criminals. I could go on and on, but that would take a very long time.

  3. One more thing. I think about a million Americans should drive down to Mexico City and crowd the streets with Stars and Stripes in hand. We will march down streets where we don’t belong and get arrested by cops there because we don’t belong. Then, after we pay off the cops with $20 bills and cartons of cigarettes, we can go out and do it again. Next, we can beat pinatas of Vicente Fox and tell them how to run their government, since they tell us how to run ours. After that, we can save the illegal aliens the trouble of sending money back home to their families and just dump a dump truck full of money in the town square and let all the Mexicans come and get it. To finish off, we will just stay there until we run out of money and food and see if their government will go to the trouble to take care of us. How do you think this will turn out?

  4. This blog entry and related comments are some of the most biggoted, uninformed, xenophobic things I have read in years.

  5. 1. If you’re going to post anonymously on here, your opinion doesn’t matter much to me because you don’t have the guts to stand up with your opinion.

    2. If we’re such biggots and so uninformed…what are your grounds for thinking that? Again, your opinion doesn’t matter much to me if you have no backing or reason.

    3. Why do people seem to be missing that key word: ILLEGAL?!?!?

  6. It is very true that things should be done legally. I agree. I do, however, feel that there needs to be a massive overhaul on the regulations and laws that the government has on the large influx of latin immigrants. I do not believe in the Mercantilism and therefore do not believe that they are “stealing” our jobs. For ever person here they creat need for: food, housing, transportation, textiles, etc. The point made earlier “illegal”… yes, there needs to be reform in how it is done. Basically, right now, Cuban and Haitian refugees are able to enter into the United States with no visa. On the other side of the country Central Americans are sneaking across the border to get employment EVERYWHERE else. Should we make it easier for them to enter, to help control who gets in and tax those that do? Should we make it easier for business leaders, professionals, and the educated to enter? I would tend to agrue for the affirmative. I find it interesting that most people state that they drain the economy. I would tend to say they are the base for a lifestyle that we have grown very accustomed to. I realize that this was not a well thought out comment, and very poorly organized, my apologies.

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