Accident Prone

So, yesterday I left my apartment at 3:21pm to come home for the weekend. I know this because I wanted to time exactly how long it took me to get from my house to my parents. 3 of my older cousins (who I never get to see) are in town and my brother is leaving for the Army in less than 2 weeks, so I wanted to come hang out with all of them. I got home at 8:26pm. What took 5 hours to get from Austin to Houston, you ask? Indeed, it is normally a 2.5 hour drive. Well, just outside of Austin I got hit. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s my luck. I was on the highway where there are 3 lanes of traffic….where all the lights are going out of town. I was in the far right lane (I always drive in that one because there’s always much less traffic there) and there was significantly less traffic in ly lane. The other two were backed up past a cross street, so they’d left a gap for cars to pass through. My lane, however, was not backed up that far. So, I was driving up to where my lane was stopped, as I should have been. Next thing I know, I see this truck (in slow motion) emerging from between the cars in the lane to my left. He was hardly moving…I think…but at that moment, it felt like I was hardly moving too. The world seriously transformed to slow motion. He looked like he was going to be able to stop (he had to have been going about 5 mph). I, on the other hand, was going about 30 and couldn’t stop or swerve (there was a driveway with cars in it to my right). He hit my drivers side door and spun my car around. I ended up half in a ditch, facing the wrong way, on the side of the road in front of Exxon. I was not hurt, thank God. He was in a Chevy 4×4…he could have eaten my car for breakfast. When I tried to get out, I couldn’t. My door was wrenched closed. I had to climb out the passenger side. I called the police (who ended up taking 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there) and then went to exchange insurance info. A woman who saw it all happen stopped and gave me her phone number. So nice. They didn’t have their insurance info with them. They called someone and got it. After everything I had to go through with my wreck on New Years, I wanted all their info and I wanted the cops to be there. The police finally arrived about 6:15. The wreck happened at 4. I left about 6:30 and was home 2 hours later. My car is still drivable and everyone was ok, but I will have to deal with the inconvenience of having the whole drivers side of my car replaced. Grr.

Becca suggested I just start flying everywhere. I have been hit 6 times…none of which I have caused. I have that kind of luck in a car and you want to put me in a plane?!?


One response to “Accident Prone

  1. i think planes would be much safer for you! it would be someone else driving/flying who might possible have better luck than you!

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